Welcome to the 2022 IET-CSEE Joint Workshop
Following two years of successful IET-CSEE Joint Workshops on Energy in 2020 and 2021, The IET and the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering (CSEE) are delighted to continue this dialogue in 2022, focusing on “Power Grid Digitization and Zero Carbon Technology”. Experts from academia and industry will discuss the most significant challenges the energy sector is facing as well as possible green solutions, across a series of three events.

Due to the continuing restrictions caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the IET-CSEE workshops will now take place online. Please register using the button on the right.


Session 1

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13th July 2022 08:00-11:30am BST / 15:00-18:30pm CST

Zero carbon fuel technology development and prospects


Session Host:主持人

Prof Shuiqing LI,Tsinghua University,Associate Dean, Research & Development Affairs Office


2022 IET-CSEE workshop_session 1 programme.pdf

Session 2

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20th July 2022 08:00-11:30am BST / 15:00-18:30pm CST

Digital Twins for Power Equipment 电力设备数字孪生

Session Host:主持人

Prof Xuzhu DONG,Wuhan University,Associate Dean, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation 


Prof Zhongdong WANG,Prof Zhongdong Wang,University of Exeter,Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, College of Engineering 




Session 3

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27th July 2022 08:00-11:30am BST / 15:00-18:30pm CST

IoT Technology for Smart Grid 面向智能电网的物联网关键技术

Session Host: 主持人

Prof Tianjiao PU,China Electric Power Research Institute Head, Artificial Intelligence Application Department 

Prof Liangzhong YAO,Dean of Smart Grid Institute, Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation,Wuhan University 

2022 IET-CSEE workshop_session 3 programme.pdf

ZOOM Meetings Info.

Session 1 Wed 13 July 15:00-18:30 UTC/GMT +8
Zero carbon fuel technology development and prospects  (Zoom Link)

Watch the video>>

Session 2 Wed 20 July 15:00-18:00 UTC/GMT +8
Digital Twins for Power Equipment  (Zoom Link)

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Session 3 Wed 27 July 15:00-18:30 UTC/GMT +8
IoT Technology for Smart Grid  (ZOOM Link)

Watch the video>>

IET   Maggie ZHANG: mzhang@theiet.org   CSEE  Chunli WANG: chunli-wang@csee.org.cn